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Immerse yourself in wellness bliss

What could be better after a busy day on holiday than to savour some moments of relaxation in the Spa centre? With our extensive and comprehensive spa services, we can cater for all your individual needs. Choose from a wide range of pampering sessions and beauty treatments. Our expert wellness team will be happy to advise you in person. 

Our Spa Centre

In an area of over 1000 m2, you'll find an indoor pool, bio sauna, Finnish sauna and Roman-Irish baths. If you are sporty by nature, you can burn off some energy in the Fitness centre with its 14 strength training machines, or do an "aqua-fitness" class.  

Relax... the highest city in Europe.

Opening hours


Swimming pool/ Fitness

07.00 a.m. - 21.00 p.m.

Sauna & Thermal bath

Summer season
14.00 p.m. - 20.00 p.m.

Winter season
14.00 p.m. - 20.00 p.m.
(from 11.00 a.m. on request)


Let your mind wander.
Massage Wellnesshotel Sunstar Davos

Classical massage and sports massage

 Relaxes muscles, improves circulation and activates the muscles.

50 min. starting from CHF 91

25 min. starting from CHF 52

Massage Wellness hotel Sunstar Davos

Foot reflex zones massage

Stimulation of pressure points; to balance energy flow and support the self-healing process.

50 min. starting from CHF 91

25 min. starting from CHF 52

Massage Sunstar Wellness hotel Davos

Facial massage

To relieve and alleviate the pain of migraine or headache.

25 min. starting from CHF 52.00

Massage Sunstar Wellnesshotel Davos

Hot Stone

Whole-body massage with hot basalt stones. It relaxes the muscles and restores balance to the soul.

Hot Stone Massage 80 min. starting from CHF 149

Massage to sample 50 min.  starting from CHF 107

Massage Sunstar Wellnesshotel Davos

Lomi Lomi

It is called the queen of massage. Lomi meant press, knead, rub. Nui is called importantly, singularly, largely. The age-old massagetechnic Lomi Lomi Nui served the Hawaiians for the physical, emotional and mental cleaning. Precious warm oils become in the change of gentle and strong grasps rub in.

90 min. starting from CHF 158.00

50 min. to sample starting from CHF 114.00

Massage Sunstar Wellnesshotel Davos

Herbal compress massage

This treatment combines massage, heat and deep healing. The little bags of herbs are heated in hot oil.

50 min. starting from CHF 95

Massage Wellnesshotel Davos

Aroma oil massage

Essential oils invigorate or soothe the skin and transport you into a world of well-being.

50 min. starting from CHF 95.00

25 min. starting from CHF 55.00


Massage Wellness Sunstar Hotel Davos

Breuss massage

This treatment stretches the spine to give the intervertebral discs more space and stimulates them to heal themselves.

It has a deep effect, releasing tension and reducing pain. This massage is slow, gentle and applied with only a little pressure.

40 min. starting from CHF 80.00

Massage Wellnesshotel Sunstar Davos

Dorn-Breuss treatment

After the preparatory Breuss massage, misalignments of the spine are detected using the Dorn method.

Pressure is then applied with the thumbs and the guest is moved in order to correct the alignment. The length of the legs is checked and corrected.

75 min. starting from CHF 137.00

Massage Sunstar Wellnesshotel Davos

Meridian massage

This is the placing of hands on the body to release energy along the meridian channels. It is a therapeutic massage which releases blockages and relaxes points of tension. It unlocks your own powers of healing, and stimulates your lymph system, connective tissue and circulation.

50 min. starting from CHF 95.00

Masssage Wellnesshotel Sunstar Davos

Bowen technique

Relaxation, balance, self-regulation

Gentle rolling grips over muscles and tendons bring the body back into its natural balance.

45 min. CHF 84.00

25 min. trial CHF 52.00

Wellness Sunstar Hotels 128 s

Candlelight for two

The special experience for couples

Be carried off together into a relaxing atmosphere! Enjoy yourselves with Whole body relaxation – and a face massage and afterwards toast each other with a glass of Prosecco!

60 min. (for both) CHF 238

Wellness packages

Time for some feel-good moments.

Massages and treatments

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