Sport and fitness

in the healthy mountain air

Davos, Europe's highest town, boasts a tempting combination of fantastic opportunities for sport with modern infrastructure. The resort has been famous for its healthy climate since 1860. Nowadays, Davos is also internationally renowned as a leader in the global market for meetings in the mountains, not least as the annual host for the World Economic Forum (WEF), which attracts international media attention. When you travel up to this dynamic alpine town, you enter a magical mountain world with a healthy, restorative climate.

The sports resort of Davos is a popular destination for holidaymakers. In the healthy mountain air, fitness and sport, rest and recuperation are top of the list of attractions. The Davos Klosters destination keeps the promise of its advertising slogan, "Sports Unlimited": the vast range of activities leaves nothing to be desired. In addition to downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and cross-country skiing, the main sporting disciplines include mountain biking, trail running and hiking.

The magic of snow and excitement on the ice

With its fantastic ski slopes and cross-country skiing trails, this region is a real paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. Above all, the skiing areas of Jakobshorn, Pischa, Rinerhorn, Parsenn and Schatzalp offer outstanding conditions for skiers and snowboarders. Or how about racing down the mountain on a traditional sledge? There's also lots of fun to be had on the ice, another Davos tradition. Throughout the region there are ice rinks for skating, hockey, curling and ice stock shooting. In the "Davos World of Ice" adventure ice playground, you can even enjoy all these activities in one place.

On foot through the mountains

Summer or winter: beautiful footpaths and hiking trails invite you to explore the idyllic mountains at walking pace. You get along faster, but still on foot, if you go trail running, also called mountain or forest running. This sport begins where the road ends: go cross-country as far as you like through beautiful scenery - and there's more than enough of that here.

Push bike, e-bike, mountain bike & Fatbike

If you prefer being on two wheels, you'll love all the clearly signposted cycle tracks and mountain biking routes. All the fantastic outdoor experiences get plenty of people's pulses racing. And then there are Fatbikes: modified mountain bikes with tyres up to 12 centimetres wide that allow you to go cruising through the winter. Originally invented in Alaska, this alternative sport is the next big thing. Snow, sand, gravel or mud – nothing stops Fatbikers.

Fun in the water and golf

On hot days, Lake Davos is a lovely place to cool off, and it also has boats for hire and a sailing school. On terra firma, there's the 18-hole golf course, surrounded by magnificent mountains.

Up in the air or icy cold: adventures for adrenaline junkies

Take a bird's eye view and drift over the sensational mountains on a hang gliding or paragliding flight. Or would you prefer a memorable winter experience with an ice axe and crampons? Then have a go at ice climbing on the frozen waterfall in the Sertig valley!