Dorn method

with Breuss massage

Rapture for your back.

Did you know that pain (not just back pain) and impaired organ function can often be traced back to a problem with the nerves leading from the spinal cord? It may be the result of one or more vertebrae having slipped or become blocked or misaligned.

The spinal therapy named after Dieter Dorn specialises in alleviating just this kind of condition. Like chiropractic therapy, its aim is to realign displaced vertebrae or joints. However, the difference is that Dorn's healing treatment relies on gentle pressure.

Realigning the vertebrae can alleviate disorders and release blocked energy, giving you renewed vigour. The treatment also specialises in correcting functional leg length discrepancies: once the joints are bearing your weight equally again, pain in the
back and hips may be reduced.

A Rudolf Breuss massage is the ideal prelude or follow-up to the Dorn treatment. In this wonderfully energising back massage, your spinal column is gently stretched. This helps to regenerate intervertebral discs that have been undersupplied with nourishment and brings deep relaxation for your body, mind and soul.

You are massaged with St John's wort oil which has
an anti-inflammatory, calming and revitalising effect. This highly beneficial treatment also promotes inner tranquillity and a positive outlook on life.

Health-giving in your hands

During the 2020 summer season, you will have the chance to learn the Dorn-Breuss method in a 5-day workshop with specialist Dr Anselm Schreiber at the Sunstar Hotel Davos. The Dorn-Breuss seminar will include exciting speakers, practical exercises, healthy eating, hikes in the Davos mountains and relaxation in our spa centre.

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