Dance in Davos

Dance through the seasons in Davos

Dancing is in our genes.
It makes us happy, healthy and even intelligent. At the Sunstar Hotel Davos, dance enthusiasts from all over the world meet up four times a year to develop their dancing skills with the help of professionals. To round off these lively, sociable occasions, there are a wide range of other activities off the dance floor. May we have the next dance?

People dance in every culture, every country and every community. Dancing can be a profession, a sport, a form of performing art, a ritual, a traditional custom or therapy. If you study the history of dancing, you learn all kinds of interesting things. Cave paintings from the Stone Age indicate that dancing has been important to people since time immemorial. Leap forward to the Renaissance and you find seasonal festivals celebrated by farmers, who know all about making merry and dancing. In the early 15th century, society dances with mixed couples became increasingly popular at many European courts. In the 16th century, the upper classes used to do some quite lively, boisterous dances – which the lower echelons then took over and made their own. During the second half of the 16th century, the dances became more standardised and also more spectacular. The nobility used to take dancing lessons at the leading European courts, so the most popular dances spread from one country to another.

Dancing makes you fit. Sooner or later, everyone gets the hang of it.

Not only does dancing build muscle strength and stamina, it also improves posture, balance and cognitive skills. The stretching movements make your body more flexible. And since dancing also reduces stress hormones and boosts the happy hormones, it’s just good for you in every way. In a dancing class you learn sequences of movements that you simply never do in the same way in everyday life. Even the ability to coordinate your head, arms and legs is not to be underestimated. Not to mention doing it all rhythmically in time to the beat, please... What may seem challenging at first goes more smoothly with practice. Another plus point is that, when you dance, you discover your own physical capabilities – perhaps even ones that you never knew you had. Dancing as a couple is the ideal way to try out your sense of rhythm, coordination and speed.

Sunstar Dance Weeks: fun, lively and sociable.

Every spring, summer, autumn and winter, it’s time to trip the light fantastic in time to the music at the Sunstar Hotel Davos. Our professional dancer invites you to take to the floor for dancing lessons in Europe’s highest town. The programme is wonderfully varied: dance gymnastics, dancing classes, dances for couples and singles, line dancing and, in the evenings, free dancing to music in the lobby area. For each Dance Week, the focus is on either standard ballroom dancing or Latin American dances.

To make a nice change, there’s a varied programme of other activities, including guided walks, aqua gymnastics classes or “stretching for relaxation” sessions, and skiing. Another very popular feature is the “Games corner for adults”, where our guests like to meet up to play cards or other games.

For couples and singles: beginners, advanced and proficient.

Some Dance Weeks are advertised as being for a mixture of couples and singles, while others are especially for couples who arrive together. During the mixed weeks, professional dancers partner the ladies and gentlemen who are on their own, on a rota basis. The courses for couples are offered at three to four different levels, so guests are divided into beginners, the more advanced and those who are already quite proficient dancers. To ensure that groups are the right size, the sessions take place at different times. And by the way, a large table in the restaurant is reserved for singles. So if you would like to enjoy your evening meal in the company of other solo travellers, you are free to opt to do that from the first evening and without giving any prior notice.

«Tanzen ist träumen mit den Beinen.»!


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Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter - dance with us through the seasons of Davos!