A refreshing story about beer

Treat yourself to some virtual refreshment and come with us for a moment into a world of very special tasting experiences...

It is late afternoon in spring. In fantastic snow conditions and glorious sunshine, you have covered quite a few kilometres on the cross-country skiing track. After that, you enjoyed a soothing hop peeling treatment in the hotel spa so now you feel completely refreshed and revitalised.

In the best of moods, you and your holiday companions make your way to Davos Monstein, to the former village dairy. There, you find BierVision Monstein AG with its range of speciality craft beers, a nice drink to welcome you, sales at factory prices and a show brewery to visit.


While you enjoy sipping your "Monsteiner Wätterguoge", the master brewer tells you a little about the secret recipe: the amber-coloured beer is brewed from crystal-clear mountain spring water, Swiss organic hops, local organic barley and a small amount of smoked malt. To round off your tasting experience, the expert brewer also serves you a few specialities made from marc. You did not know before that "marc" is a by-product of the brewing process and is used to add the finishing touch to speciality food products.

The brewer's cheese and Brauermocken (air dried beef marinated in marc) taste delicious. You lean back with a satisfied smile. The hotel manager's recommendation to pay a visit to BierVision Monstein AG was spot on. And to make this tasty finale to your day last a little longer, you think you will try the organic bock beer "Monsteiner SteinBock" next. How deliciously light and frothy life can sometimes be...

Craft Beer from the mountains

BierVision Monstein AG

For her and HIM.

Spent grains body scrub

The Monstein spent grains body scrub - consisting of dried and spent brewers' grains, sesame oil and sea salt - cleanses and cares for the skin, is rich in vitamins and minerals and boosts the blood circulation to the skin, increasing its firmness.

Substances in the brewers' grains contain valuable basic elements which stimulate the cell metabolism. Follow the body scrub with a whole body pack and finishing treatment to reinforce the positive effects of this natural product.

treatment 50 min. CHF 95.00

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